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The MPU6050-Breakout board is a small integrated 6-axis motion tracking device that combines 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope. MPU6050 is a very advanced chip which has an inbuilt accelerometer, a gyro and a temperature sensor; also the chip can control external magnetometer and other sensors.

The onboard Digital Motion Processor™(DMP™) is capable of processing complex 9-axis Motion Fusion algorithms. This helps to eliminate many problems related with motion processing such as cross-axis alignment intensive Motion Processing computation requirements from the system processor. This minimizes the need for frequent polling of the motion sensor output. MPU-6050 Motion Processing Unit is the world’s first motion processing solution with integrated 9-Axis sensor fusion using its field-proven and proprietary Motion Fusion™ engine for handset and tablet applications, game controllers, motion pointer remote controls, and other consumer devices.

When connected to a 3-axis magnetometer, the MPU-6050 delivers a complete 9-axis Motion Fusion output to its primary I2C. The MPU-6050 combines acceleration and rotational motion plus heading information into a single data stream for the application.The MPU6050 supports I2C communications at up to 400 kHz.


  • Small size, easy mounting and ease of use.
  • Optional crystal (On board) of 32.768 KHz.
  • I2C interface.
  • On board 3.3V regulator.
  • 3Pin Berg connector for auxiliary I2C pin.
  • 10Pin connector for I2C pins.
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Accelerometer & Gyroscope With Onboard Voltage Regulator
Product Code: (H-ELC-SEN-IMU-3-AG)


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Product Info
Product Type Sensor
Functionality Accelerometer, Gyroscope
PCB Size 25mm x 25mm
Communication Interfaces I2C
Accelerometer Specifications
Range User Selectable: ±2g, ±4g, ±8g, and ±16g.
Sensitivity 16.384 LSB/g (±2g), 8192 LSB/g (±4g), 4096 LSB/g (±8g), and 2048 LSB/g (±16g)
Gyroscope Specifications
Range User Selectable: ±250°/sec (dps), ±500 dps, ±1000 dps, and ±2000 dps
Sensitivity 131 LSB/dps (±250 dps), 65.5 LSB/dps(±500 dps), 32.8 LSB/dps (±1000 dps), and 16.4 LSB (±2000 dps)
General Specifications
On-board Crystal 32.768KHz
Output Current 3.6mA
Power Supply
Phase Voltage 5V