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Centaur is a high power single DC motor driver and controller board powered by LPC1751 microcontroller. It has CPU of up to 100 MHz and 32KB of flash memory. LPC1751’s on-chip quadrature encoder input (QEI) makes it possible to track the position and direction of rotation of DC motor. Centaur is suitable for precision control robotics and automation application. It can be powered and programmed using USB. It also has JTAG interface for programming and debugging.

Centaur is capable of driving high power motors. Maximum motor supply voltage is 36V and can supply continuous current up to 40 A and peak current up to 100 A.


  • LPC1751 microcontroller with on-board crystal oscillator of 12 MHz
  • On-board USB to serial converter
  • On-chip QEI for control motor control application
  • On-chip CAN controller with on-board CAN transceiver
  • 20 pin header for external interface
  • From 5.5V onwards the controller operates with reduced current capability (Gate drive)
  • Auto shutdown for short circuit, over temperature, under voltage, bootstrap under voltage, gate drive under voltage
  • Read out of faults by microcontroller
  • Digital interfaces available are I2C, SPI, UART, CAN and UART
  • 5-pin QEI interface including 5V supply
  • Optional heat sink can be used on bottom side of the entire board
  • Single flat metal strip can be used as heat sink (only terminals require clearance)
  • All digital components are rendered to bottom right corner to minimize the EMI
  • Single power supply for motor and microcontroller operation
  • Automatic power selection for microcontroller from USB and battery
  • The motors can be driven in synchronous, slow decay, fast decay and regenerative modes
  • PWM switching frequency ranges from 0 Hz to 50 KHz
  • Power and ground planes of switching circuit are isolated from rest of the circuit
  • On-board 5V regulator for external peripherals


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(40A) DC Motor Driver & Controller
Product Code: (H-ELC-MCT-DC-1)


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File Name
Centaur Firmware
Centaur Protocol Specification


Product Info
Product Type Standalone Board
Functionality DC Motor Driver and Controller
PCB Size 101.6mm x 88.9mm
Processor Specifications
Microcontroller LPC1751
Max CPU Frequency 100 MHz
On-chip Flash 32KB
On-chip RAM 8KB SRAM
ISP Programming Yes
JTAG Programming Yes
Communication Interfaces UART, I2C, SPI, CAN
Other Interfaces GPIO, ADC, PWM, QEI
On-board Peripherals LED
On-board USB to UART Converter Yes
General Specifications
On-board Crystal 12MHz
Motor Driver Current Rating 40A(Continous), 100A(Peak)
Motor Supply Voltage 7V to 30V
Motor Type DC Motor
Number of DC Motor Channels 1
Power Supply
Phase Voltage 5V
Power Supply Options USB, External Power, Motor Supply Battery