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If you want to start building embedded multimedia applications right away without having to search for individual components then EduARM kit is exactly what you need. It provides you with all the necessary components for multimedia application development in one compact kit.
Major component of the kit, EduARM, is an ARM Cortex-M3 based development tool which gives you the power to build a variety of audio-visual applications with its extensive set of modules like TFT touchscreen LCD, audio codec, SD card connector, 3 axis accelerometer and CAN bus.   
To see the number of exciting multimedia applications you can build with this versatile kit checkout the Projects.

EduARM Kit contains:  

  • EduARM development tool consisting of EduARM development board, TFT LCD and ABS casing
  • Prime Framework, a suite of software libraries for faster application development
  • 4GB SD Card for ample data storage
  • Stylus for using touch screen
  • Micro USB Cable for programming and powering support
  • 5V/1A Power Adapter for power supply
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EduARM Kit

Product Code: (PK-HS-1)


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File Name
Prime Framework


Product Info
Product Type Handheld Development Board
Functionality Educational, Multimedia
PCB Size 110mm x 66mm
Processor Specifications
Microcontroller LPC1768
Max CPU Frequency 100MHz
On-chip Flash 512KB
On-chip RAM 64KB SRAM
ISP Programming Yes
JTAG Programming Yes
Communication Interfaces UART, I2C, SPI, CAN, I2S
Other Interfaces GPIO, ADC, PWM
On-board Peripherals LED, Switches, SD Card Socket, LCD Display, Touch Screen, Accelerometer, Audio codec with Inbuilt Headphone Amplifier,
On-board USB to UART Converter Yes
General Specifications
On-board Crystal 12 MHz
Power Supply
Phase Voltage 5V
Power Supply Options USB, Battery, DC Adaptor