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NRF905 is a single chip radio transceiver for the 433/868/915MHz ISM band. The transceiver consists of a fully integrated frequency synthesizer, receiver chain with demodulator, power amplifier, crystal oscillator and modulator. The Shock Burst™ feature automatically handles preamble and CRC. You can easily configure the NRF905 using SPI bus.

Current consumption is very low. It consumes 9 mA in transmit mode at an output power of -10dBm and 12.5 mA in receive mode. Built-in power down mode makes it easy to save power. NRF905 allows wireless communication for microcontrollers. Since the module itself handles CRC and preamble, it avoids communication errors inherently, thereby removing the need for error checking in microcontroller firmware.

The module also has optional auto-retransmission. NRF905 uses addressed communication, each module can be configured runtime with an address. Since it has an SPI interface for configuration as well data transfer, it provides a structured way to handle the data. Address width (1 to 4 bytes) and data width (1 to 32 bytes) is configurable, thus providing flexibility to the user as per application.


  • Multi-channel operation
  • Adjustable output power up to 10dBm
  • Automatic retransmission of data packet
  • Automatic CRC and preamble handling
  • Optional auto-retransmission
  • Easy and compact in size
  • SPI interface for command and data transfer
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Product Code: (H-ELC-COM-2)


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General Specifications
Transmission Frequency 430KHz - 928KHz
On-board Crystal 16MHz
Current Consumption 30mA (@ 10dBm Power)
Data Rate 50Kbps
Data Size per Packet 1 Byte - 32 Bytes
Interface SPI
Max Transmitter Output Power 10dBm
Power Supply
Phase Voltage 1.9V - 3.6V