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What is Hydra?

Hydra is an ARM Cortex-M3 based development board powered by LPC1768 microcontroller. It comes with Prime Framework (a suite of software libraries) and is suitable for beginners, hobbyists as well as advance embedded developers.

Hydra’s modular design makes it fit for any educational embedded and robotics applications. It can be used in projects that require high computing power and need to acquire sensor data quickly & accurately such as drones, wheeled robots, x-y plotters, 3D printers. Students can use Hydra to learn the ARM processor in an affordable and simple way.

Why choose Hydra?

Build Applications Faster

Build Applications Faster

Hydra comes with Prime Framework which is a complete suite of software libraries and device drivers for making application building easy and fast.

Add New Functionalities

Add New Functionalities

Just push your Phi Plug-in boards into the innovative Phi Plug-in standard socket on Hydra to add new functionalities with zero hardware configurations and without all the messy wiring.

Connect Up

Connect Up

Hydra offers various facilities for communication:


Just push the Phi DP83848 Ethernet module in the socket provided to connect your device to the local networks.


You can use external USB devices with Hydra by connecting external USB socket to the interface provided.

Standard protocols

Easily communicate with other devices using on-board standard protocols (CAN, UART, I2C and GPIO).

Store Ample Data

Store Ample Data

The Micro SD Card and USB connectors allow you to easily add external storage devices.

Track Time

Track Time

Keep track of time in your applications using the on-chip RTC (real-time clock) provided with a battery support.

Package Contains

package contains
  • Hydra development board in a protective box & antistatic bag


  • Prime Framework

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Cortex-M3 Development Board
Product Code: (H-ELC-SBC-3)


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Downloads available on purchase:
File Name
Prime Framework


Product Info
Product Type Base Development Board
Functionality General Purpose
PCB Size 95.25mm x 57.15mm
Processor Specifications
Microcontroller LPC1768
Max CPU Frequency 100Mhz
On-chip Flash 512KB
On-chip RAM 64KB SRAM
ISP Programming Yes
JTAG Programming Yes
Phi Robotics Expansion Bus Yes
Communication Interfaces UART, I2C, SPI, CAN, USB, Ethernet
Other Interfaces GPIO, ADC, PWM, QEI
On-board Peripherals Micro SD Card Socket, LEDs, Switches
On-board USB to UART Converter Yes
General Specifications
On-board Crystal 12MHz
Power Supply
Phase Voltage 5V
Power Supply Options USB, External Power
Reverse Power Protection Only for External Power