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FPGA Kit includes the following:

  • Edu GPU board
  • Phi Link EDU
  • PhiLink-Jtag-XS3-Adapter
  • 14 Pin FRC cable
  • Mini USB cable
  • 5V DC Adapter

Edu GPU board

The Edu GPU board is built around XC3S50A, a Xilinx FPGA with 50k logic gates, from Spartan 3A family. The spartan 3A family has built in DCM (Digital clock management), Low skew global clocks suitable for building DSP algorithms. The board features

  • Display: 3 x Seven Segment display, RGB LED, LED array, 16x2 character LCD display port, VGA display port
  • I/O Ports: 4 x Push buttons, 2 x PS2 ports, 23 IOs, or 10 differential pairs to implement various serial and parallel interfaces (viz., UART, I2C, SPI, DCMI, CAN, Ethernet etc.)
  • Audio: Buzzer & Stereo Audio interface
  • Storage: 16 Mb serial flash & Micro SDCard interface
  • Clock: 25MHz oscillator
  • Programming: 14-pin standard JTAG connector
  • Input power: 5V DC

Phi Link EDU

Phi Link EDU is a low cost all in one programmer for embedded devices. It is built around FT2232H, a versatile USB Bridge with built in powerful MPPSE, with which one can bridge various serial protocols viz., UART, I2C, SPI, JTAG, CAN with USB 2.0 High speed connection, which is de facto standard for all personnel computers.


PhiLink-Jtag-XC3-Adapter is a dedicated adapter PCB used to program the Edu GPU Board using the Phi Link EDU module. It has 10 pin (5 x2 ) 2.54mm FRC female connector which directly fits on the Phi Link EDU and a 14 Pin (7x2) 2 mm pitch FRC Box which is used to connect the Edu GPU board using a 1:1 FRC cable.

14 Pin FRC Cable

This cable is a 1:1 cable used to connect the PhiLink-Jtag-XS3-Adapter and Edu GPU board.

Mini USB Cable

It is a standard mini USB cable used to connect the PC with Phi Link EDU.

5V DC Adapter

DC Adapter is used to power the Edu GPU board. It take input power in range of 100-240V, 50-60Hz AC supply and provide 5V, 1A DC output on a DC Jack connector.

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FPGA 101 : Game Controller Design


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