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Cheetah is a DC motor driver board; which is interfaced using GPIO and SPI. The board has a L9958 DC motor driver chip, which is a SPI controlled H-Bridge designed for the control of DC motors under extreme condition. The H-Bridge is protected from short circuit and overheating. The board also has a 32-bit quadrature counter for quadrature encoder feedback. The quadrature counter also interfaces with incremental encoders to perform a variety of marker functions. 


  • On-board 32 bit quadrature encoder for speed and position feedback chip
  • Operating frequency of L9958 is up to 20 kHz
  • Overheating and short circuit protection
  • Open load detection in on condition
  • Enable and disable input
  • SPI for configuration
  • X1, X2 or X4 mode of quadrature counting
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DC Motor Driver
Product Code: (H-ELC-MDR-DC-1)


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Product Info
Product Type Add-on Board
Functionality DC Motor Driver
PCB Size 50.8mm x 38.74mm
Communication Interfaces SPI
Other Interfaces GPIO, PWM, ADC
General Specifications
Compatible Controllers Cheetah-CB
On-board Crystal 20MHz
Motor Driver Current Rating 8.6A
Motor Supply Voltage 4V to 28V
Motor Type DC Motor
Number of DC Motor Channels 1
Power Supply
Phase Voltage 5V
Power Supply Options External Power