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The Linear Camera module comprises TSL1401 linear sensor array and a lens. The module captures image in single dimension. The resultant image is similar to an image captured through a slit. TSL1401 is a basically linear sensor consisting an array of 128 photodiodes. Operation of the sensor is simple and requires only a serial input pulse (SI) and a clock. SI pulse goes on activating one pixel on each clock cycle. Thus, one by one each pixel’s output appears on analog output pin on every clock pulse. The sensor needs 128 clock cycle to get output from all 128 pixels. On 129th clock cycle, SI pulse gets clocked out on serial out pin (SO). This facilitates connections of multiple linear cameras in series, each camera triggering the next one.

The sensor operates over supply voltage of 3V to 5V and it is designed to have full rail to rail output swing (typically 0 to 4.8V) hence is compatible with 3.3V as well as 5V microcontrollers. Analog voltage on the analog out pin (AO) is directly proportional to the light intensity captured by that particular pixel. Typically, sensor outputs 0V for no light condition, 2V for normal white light and 4.8V indicates saturation.

Module can be used for applications like optical character recognition, line follower, locating objects, lines, edges, gaps, holes, determining volume, shape and orientation, reading simple barcodes or learning the principles of machine vision.


  • Provides vision in one dimension with 128-pixel resolution
  • Three-line serial interface with analog intensity output for each pixel
  • 400 Dots-Per-Inch (DPI) sensor pitch
  • High linearity and uniformity
  • Maximum input clock frequency of 8 MHz
  • Includes lens with focal length of 14 – 18 mm
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Linear Camera - TSL1401

Product Code: (H-ELC-SEN-MV-1)


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PCB Size 27.75mm x 27.75mm
General Specifications
Input Clock Frequency 5KHz - 8MHz
Color Grayscale
Dots per inch sensor pitch 400 DPI
Image Lag 0.5%
Interface Analog (Voltage)
Resolution 128 x 1
Power Supply
Phase Voltage 3V - 5V