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Sync32 is servo motor controller, powered by ARM Cortex-M3 based LPC 1768 microcontroller, which can simultaneously control 32 servo motors. Sync32 is an ideal choice for robotics as well as embedded applications. Sync32 has 8 servo motor banks divided into two sets. Power is provided separately to each set. Current rating of each set is 6A. The user can also monitor battery voltage.


  • ARM Cortex-M3 based LPC 1768 microcontroller with on-board 12MHz crystal
  • 1 TTLUART or I2C, 1 USB2UART and 1 SPI bus is available
  • All servo controller inputs may be used for GPIO
  • Wide range of pulse duration configurations for different types of motor
  • On-board 3.3V voltage regulator
  • USB powered and programming
  • Complete robotics controller
  • 32 servo motor can be controlled
  • Battery voltage monitor
  • 1 ADC channel for user 
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32 Channels Servo Motor Controller
Product Code: (H-ELC-MCT-SRV-1)


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File Name
Sync32 Firmware
Sync32 Protocol Specifications


Product Info
Product Type Standalone Board
Functionality Servo Motor Driver & Controller
PCB Size 81.3mm x 63.5mm
Processor Specifications
Microcontroller LPC1768
Max CPU Frequency 100MHz
On-chip Flash 512KB
On-chip RAM 64KB SRAM
ISP Programming Yes
Communication Interfaces UART, I2C, SPI
Other Interfaces GPIO, ADC, PWM
On-board Peripherals LEDs
On-board USB to UART Converter Yes
General Specifications
On-board Crystal 12MHz
Motor Driver Current Rating 16A (Sum of All Channels)
Motor Supply Voltage 5V to 12V
Motor Type Servo Motor
Number of Servo Motor Channels 32
Power Supply
Phase Voltage 5V
Power Supply Options USB, Motor Supply Battery